Let’s Make Our Infrastructure Dollars Carry Their Weight

Corrosion copy

Graphene beats polymer coatings in preventing microbially induced corrosion

Super-slick material makes steel better, stronger, cleaner

Just back from the 7th CG/LA North American Infrastructure Forum (Here) and I’ll be sharing more thoughts soon but, if we are going to continue spending next to nothing on infrastructure lets spend it on a next-to-nothing material (graphene) that will make stuff last.

Not just re-bar, concrete too!


When Lightspeed Just Isn’t Fast Enough!


Light goes infinitely fast with new on-chip zero-index metamaterial

Best Quote – “Although this infinitely high velocity sounds like it breaks the rule of relativity, it doesn’t. Nothing in the universe travels faster than light carrying information — Einstein is still right about that. But light has another speed, measured by how fast the crests of a wavelength move, known as phase velocity. This speed of light increases or decreases depending on the material it’s moving through.”

Who Knew!

Is Steel Ready For A Makeover ?

Old Steel copy

Longer lasting knees, hips, bridges, maybe even razor blades!

Scientists Invent a New Steel as Strong as Titanium

Best Quote – “This new metal has a strength-to-weight ratio that matches even our best titanium alloys, but at one tenth the cost, and can be created on a small scale with machinery already used to make automotive-grade steel.”

Super-slick material makes steel better, stronger, cleaner

Best Quote #2 – “The material could have far-ranging applications and avenues for commercialization, including non-fouling medical tools and devices, such as implants and scalpels, nozzles for 3D printing and, potentially, larger-scale applications for buildings and marine vessels.

A Head Spinner In Microscopic Energy Storage – Really!

How a Microscopic Supercapacitor Will Supercharge Mobile Electronics

Best Quote – “The hybrid device is only one-fifth the thickness of a sheet of paper; its footprint can vary from a few square micrometers up to the centimeter scale. The centimeter-scale devices would have capacitances in the range of 400 to 1,000 millifarads—easily enough to power an LED flashlight for an hour.”


Fusion – Moving away from If & When Towards When

Secretive fusion company claims reactor breakthrough

Best Quote – “They’ve succeeded finally in achieving a lifetime (the period the super-heated gas is stable) limited only by the power available to the system,” says particle physicist Burton Richter of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California

Best Unintentional Opening To A Yet-To-Be-Released Sci-Fi Flick – FOOTHILL RANCH, CALIFORNIA—In a suburban industrial park south of Los Angeles, researchers have taken a significant step toward mastering nuclear fusion…